Market Focus: Energy

Recent Newshours on Energy

  • Oil Shock - Oil Prices Heading to $80 a Barrel May 12

    May 12 – In today’s Big Picture episode, Jim Puplava and John Loeffler discuss how oil prices have been climbing. Now that summer is almost upon us, we look at expectations for oil prices to head toward $80 a barrel.

  • Dr. Ellen Wald on Saudi Aramco IPO and End of the Oil Age Apr 28

    Apr 28 – Oil has transformed the Middle East from a piece of desert to the center of one of the most strategic resources in the world. Dr. Ellen Wald, author of Saudi, Inc.: The Arabian Kingdom’s Pursuit of Profit and Power, tells of Saudi Arabia’s goal to retool...

  • The Perfect Energy Storm Apr 07

    Apr 7 – Peak oil has largely been dismissed in the wake of technological advancements and shale oil, but that doesn’t mean prices can’t see dramatic spikes from time-to-time. In today’s Big Picture, we go in-depth into oil supplies...

  • Chris Puplava on Late-Cycle Investing Game Plan Mar 10

    Mar 10 – Chris Puplava discusses three key themes for 2018—rising inflation, volatility, and sentiment—and how this relates to Financial Sense Wealth Management’s late-cycle investment strategy with regards to stocks, bonds...