Though Cautious Short-term, We Have Buy Signals on Every Sector Except Energy, Says Erin Swenlin

February 14, 2020 – Ryan Puplava gives the market wrap-up for this week on the latest news surrounding the coronavirus, China's stimulus response, economic impacts, comments from the Federal Reserve and what they're doing in the closely-watched repo market, and more; Erin Swenlin (see materials here) at tells Financial Sense Newshour that her intermediate-term indicators are all on buy signals except for one important area; Dan Steffens at Energy Prospectus Group gives an update on how the coronavirus is impacting global oil demand and, lastly, in today's Big Picture portion of our podcast, Jim Puplava and Cris Sheridan discuss Peter Zeihan's new book, Disunited Nations (click here for our interview with him about his book) and how this ties into a recent report from Simon Michaux at the Geological Survey of Finland looking at Oil from a Critical Raw Material Perspective.

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