Omicron and the Narrative Machine

November 27, 2021 – Well, just as shoppers hit the malls on Black Friday, global stock markets were hit by omicron—the newly named ‘variant of concern’ that has led to a fresh wave of travel restrictions. Though there’s still lots of information we don’t know about omicron, a wave of fear rushed over investors as the narrative has flipped decidedly into negative territory for Covid-related news. Speaking of narratives, in light of the Thanksgiving holiday, we are going to forego our normal programming schedule for this weekend’s show and re-air one of our FS Insider interviews from earlier this week to discuss the narrative machine, how it differs from Ray Dalio's conception of the 'Economic Machine', and why this is one of the most powerful frameworks for understanding how the markets and global economy function. We hope you enjoy this fascinating interview and if you aren’t already a subscriber to our weekday premium podcast and would like to hear more of our interviews and content throughout the week, click here to Subscribe.

Today's guest is Ben Hunt, author of the widely read Epsilon Theory newsletter. To find out more about Ben Hunt's fascinating research or to sign up for his newsletter go to

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