Jim Bianco: Inflation Now Priority Number One, This Is a Gamechanger

March 25, 2022 – After this week's market wrap-up, Jim Bianco at Bianco Research explains what we're seeing in the stock, bond, and commodity markets as futures are now pricing in a total of nine rate hikes by the Fed this year. Jim also discusses how we are seeing a fracturing of the petrodollar and the reserve currency system as globalization runs in reverse, which will also likely lead to persistently higher rates of inflation. This is a wide-ranging interview with one of the most sharp strategists out there. You definitely want to hear what he has to say in this very important interview with Financial Sense Newshour host Jim Puplava. Follow more of Jim Bianco's work by going to www.biancoresearch.com or follow him on Twitter @biancoresearch

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