John Roque and Greg Orrell: Blow-Out Jobs Report, Rising Geopolitical Trouble

August 5, 2022 – A blow-out jobs report helped to alleviate fears over recession but led to a jump in the futures market to price in another 75 basis point hike by the Fed this September. The market has staged a strong rally off its June lows but our technician today John Roque at 22V Research thinks it’s getting close to stalling out. Later in the program, Jim Puplava speaks with Greg Orell at the OCM Gold Fund, who says that precious metals and precious metal mining stocks are seeing a major flush out before the next final move. Jim and Greg also talk about the massive premium that currently exists for those attempting to purchase silver bullion and what’s happening in the physical bullion market. Lastly, in toady’s Big Picture segment, Jim discusses his most recent client newsletter reiterating his outlook that we are still in a long-term commodity bull market. All of that coming in today’s show.

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