Bloomberg's Gina Martin Adams on Market Outlook; Robert Bryce on Decarbonization Push, Global Energy Crisis

September 16, 2022 – Deglobalization, Decarbonization, and Demographics (the 'Three Ds') are likely to keep inflationary pressures higher for longer, Gina Martin Adams, Chief Equity Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, tells Financial Sense Newshour. Gina also gives listeners an update on her market and economic outlook, and how her team at Bloomberg Intelligence is navigating the current investment landscape. Follow Gina's work on Twitter @GinaMartinAdams or on LinkedIn at Gina Martin Adams | LinkedIn.

Next, we speak with Robert Bryce at Power Hungry, author of multiple must-read books, on how the implementation of renewable energy technologies has led to a corresponding spike in electricity rates globally, especially in areas where such technology has been implemented the most. Robert explains the role cheap electricity played in the industrialization of advanced economies and how aggressive decarbonization efforts are leading to an unwind of this process, which businesses and entire industries are now warning is underway.

Lastly, Chris Puplava joins us for another Smart Macro segment on today's Financial Sense Newshour podcast to talk about how the markets and the economy are hitting a breaking point with the spike in interest rates. Chris warned late last year that the stock market was likely in the process of peaking and warned listeners to raise cash and move towards a defensive posture—a view he has steadily maintained and re-iterated all this year—and still cautions that the fundamental backdrop is not yet favorable for a sustainable market bottom.

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