Must-Listen: Will Felix Zulauf's 2024 Outlook Turn Out Correct?

February 7, 2024 – Two months ago in December of last year we got an update from the well-respected strategist Felix Zulauf, founder and CEO of Zulauf Consulting, regarding his outlook for 2024. Felix forecasted that the stock market was likely to head higher into the first quarter to new record highs, as we see today, but also made a warning: If this current advance is accompanied by a greater narrowing of concentration into a smaller and smaller handful of tech stocks, it could end up marking an important top. Well, as Piper Sandler’s Craig Johnson recently explained on our show (see "Bullseye" Craig Johnson: Market Rally to New Highs on Weak Footing), two tech stocks in particular, NVIDIA and MSFT, have accounted for almost half of the S&P 500’s gains so far this year. Because of this, much of the conversation has shifted from the Mag 7 to the Mag 2 when it comes to the mega giant tech stocks powering this market higher. So, we wanted to replay this very important interview with Felix, not just because market concentration has indeed increased since we last spoke with him, but also because of the fantastic insights Felix offered in this interview on so many areas.

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