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Keith Schaefer: EOG’s New Fracking Technique is a Game-Changer

Nov 26 – Jim welcomes Keith Schaefer, Editor, and Publisher of Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin. Keith discusses a new fracking technique developed by EOG Resources that allows wells to produce high initial production that lasts much longer than...

Can Shale Oil & Gas Bring the U.S. Energy Independence?

Can shale oil and gas carry the U.S. to energy independence? The short answer is no, says Credit Suisse (CS) in a September 7 report, but North America as a whole could...

A Futures Market for North American LNG Exports?

Japan spent US$75.4 billion on LNG last year, paying an average price of US$16.60 per million BTU—while gas prices in the United States averaged just US$2.75. No Japanese politician, economist, or grocer thinks that makes sense.

The U.S. Dollar’s Impact on the Oil Price

Many investors study supply and demand statistics to figure out where they think the oil price is going.

Can the Bakken Reach 1 Million Barrels a Day?

Can the Bakken produce one million barrels a day of oil? If so, it would join an elite group of oil fields able to produce at that rate. Only six other fields, including Saudi Arabia’s famed Ghawar field, have ever topped 1 million barrels per day...

Can Shale Oil & Gas Bring the U.S. Energy Independence?

US energy independence is a hot topic spurred by the rapid rise in shale oil production—the Shale Revolution. While it’s hard for anybody to guesstimate what such a dynamic industry will be doing 10 years from now, Credit Suisse data suggests that will remain an elusive goal.

2011 Outlook for Canadian Natural Gas

Overall, Canadian gas exports to the US will drop 2 bcf/d over the next few years – almost 30% – and this impending loss of the northern California market builds upon the loss that western Canadian gas has in lower exports to the US northeast.

Why Producers Aren’t Hedging Natural Gas

Taking Their Chances in the Spot Market…Later

Natural gas prices in Canada are so low that end users are now trying to seduce producers to hedge, so they can lock in longer term low prices. But few producers are keen to lock in long term losses. RBC, Canada’s largest brokerage firm, suggested in a weekly comment that producers still have many reasons to hedge at $3.27 a gigajoule (GJ) now, and $4.11/GJ in April 2011. For context, the full-cycle cost for new gas in North America is $5.60/mmcf and in Canada is $6.85/mmcf, according to independent analysts Ziff Energy. So producers would be selling at a significant loss.

What the US-Canadian Gas Spread Means for Your Energy Portfolio

It’s no secret that Canadian gas prices are low right now, but few investors realize how low it is compared to the U.S. The spread is now over $1/mcf, when it’s usually about 70 cents – that’s nearly a 50% jump.

The “Richest” Natural Gas Stocks Now Made Public

A group of natural gas producers in North America are discovering the secret sauce to profits, and as a result many of them are outperforming their peers. It’s called “wet gas” or “liquid rich gas” or “natural gas liquids” or “NGL”, but any way you spell it, you get better cash flow than just regular “dry” gas. (Dry gas is methane.)

The "Secret"—and More Profitable—Sector of Natural Gas Stocks

Why NOW Is the Time to Buy Them

This is what I call the “shopping season” for natural gas stocks. And even though I’m a longer-term bear on natural gas, there is one part of the natural gas market that is not well known, I think mis-understood, and potentially mis-priced. As a result, I think it could make me money this year—and I think now is the time for me to be buying this little subset.

How Canadian Oilsands Can Go Green

At Less Than $10/barrel

A large part of Canada’s massive oil sands deposits could become one of the most “green” energies on the planet, by using electricity to heat up and break down the heavy oil. EEOR, or Electrically Enhanced Oil RecoverySM is a new technology being field tested in Saskatchewan by a Canadian junior producer, Deloro Resources.

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