Marin Katusa's Contributions

Marin Katusa on the Great Onshoring, Decline of the Petro-Dollar, and Investing in Carbon Credits

Mar 29 – Marin Katusa, Founder of Katusa Research, discusses many of the key insights from his widely-read and controversial book released last year, The Rise of America: Remaking the World Order. Marin explains how in this...

Marin Katusa: Lehman-Style Crisis Coming in Late 2016, Early 2017

Mar 17 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist at Casey Research and author of The Colder War. Marin and Cris cover the outlook for China this year, as well as the energy sector.

Is Nuclear Energy Ready for a Comeback?

For a short while it seemed that nuclear power was going to see a revival. Then Fukushima happened and public sentiment once again turned sour, with many government leaders around the world shutting down their plants. However, as fears caused by the Fukushima incident begin to fade, Marin Katusa says that the bullish factors for nuclear energy are starting to resurface again.

Marin Katusa: Is There Hope in the Uranium Sector?

Apr 15 – Jim welcomes Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist at Casey Research. Marin and Jim look at the struggling uranium sector, and Marin offers some reasons for optimism. He notes that a return to a bull market is waiting for Japan to...

How Putin Conquered South Africa

In the global war for energy supremacy, Russia has won another victory over the United States. his time, the battleground has been South Africa, where Russia's state-owned nuclear power company, Rosatom, has just signed an agreement to build eight new...

The Iranian Deal: What the Big Six Really Have to Gain

Officials from Iran made a deal with six countries (the US, Russia, China, England, France, and Germany)—in exchange for suspending the world's sanctions on Iran, Iran will curb its nuclear weapons program.

Will Russia Lose Its Oily Grip on Europe?

Vladimir Putin is on a roll. Ever since the Russian president-turned-prime-minister-turned-president got into office 13 years ago, he's been deftly maneuvering Russia back into the ranks of global heavyweights. These days, he's averting cruise missiles from Syria before breakfast.

Is Cyprus a New Energy Battleground?

For those with bank accounts in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, this past weekend was a disastrous one. In what is an unprecedented move in the Eurozone, Cyprus is planning to impose a tax on bank accounts as part of an agreement to be bailed out by the European Union.

Marin Katusa: How to Increase Revenues- Carbon Taxes for All Americans

Dec 4 – Jim welcomes Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist at Casey Research to discuss a potential carbon tax in the US. Marin believes it will happen because the government, the large oil companies, and environmental groups all want...

Obama and the Coming Carbon Tax

We know Obamarama is going to tax the rich, but I bet many didn't think he would weasel in the carbon tax as quickly as he is going to now. A Romney win would have been bullish for coal producers in the US - but Romney lost, and now so has coal, at least in the near term. The biggest winner from Obamarama? Natural gas.

Nigeria: A Primer on the Hazards of Country Risk

Nigeria has 37 billion barrels of crude oil reserve and is Africa's largest oil producer. The country also boasts 187 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves, the ninth-largest reserve in the world.

Vladimir Putin: The New Global Shah of Oil

Exxon Mobil is no longer the world's number-one oil producer. As of yesterday, that title belongs to Putin Oil Corp - oh, whoops. I mean the title belongs to Rosneft, Russia's state-controlled oil company.

Syria: An Energy-Based Proxy War in the Making?

The Vietnam war wasn't really about Vietnam. Spaniards may have fought in the Spanish Civil War, but the real opponents were elsewhere. US and Soviet machinations in Afghanistan in the late 1970s had little to do with liberating a repressed population.

Hyperinflation and the Middle Eastern Powder Keg

On October 3, riot police converged on Tehran's Grand Bazaar. With water cannons and batons, they dispersed a large crowd of demonstrators who were calling President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a traitor for his mismanagement of Iran's economy.

Marin Katusa: Islamic Revolution in Saudi Arabia Could Lead to $300 Oil

Oct 3 – Jim welcomes back Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist at Casey Research to discuss energy and political tensions in Saudi Arabia. Marin sees the aging Saudi royal family in jeopardy and losing support with the Islamists in Saudi Arabia.

Surveying the Fringes of Energy Science

A cheap, clean, efficient, and limitless source of energy - such a discovery would change our world. No longer would we be enslaved to oil nor chained to coal; no more would we struggle to power our societies without destroying our environment.

Russia and the World’s Next Major Oil Spike

Between October 1973 and March 1974, the price of oil shot sky-high. OPEC embargoed its output, and prices spiked from $3 a barrel to $12 - a gain of 300% in six months. For the global oil machine, the OPEC oil crisis sparked a complete overhaul.

A New Energy Storm Threatens Dividends

Are you an energy-sector investor? Do you balance your riskier assets with a nice complement of dividend-paying stocks that provide welcome income during turbulent times? Have you ever thought about how your portfolio would fare if those dividends were decimated?

Marin Katusa: Game Changer−Israel’s Natural Gas Discoveries Will Change Middle East Geopolitics

Aug 10 – Jim welcomes back Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist at Casey Research LLC. Marin and Jim discuss game-changing aspects of Israel’s recent natural gas discoveries, which he believes will make Israel a major power player in the region.

Big Oil’s Unwitting Bid for Kurdish Statehood

The connections between oil, money, and power are very well established. These three factors can elevate individuals to office, give Big Oil companies major sway with national governments, lead countries into war with one another, and influence or control any number of major relationships and conflicts.

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