Edward Altman PhD's Contributions

Edward Altman on Credit Cycle, Corporate Defaults, and Market Risks

Jul 15 – Edward Altman, Professor of Finance at NY University’s Stern School of Business and a leading authority on high yield, distressed debt, and credit risk analysis discusses the state of corporate defaults with Financial Sense...

Edward Altman on Corporate Defaults, Junk Bond Market, and Spreading Risks

Feb 12 – Edward Altman, named as one of the 100 most influential people in finance and considered a leading authority on the high yield and distressed debt market, says we are seeing the peaking of a benign credit cycle in the US. He discusses what that...

Final Battle for the Euro Will Be Fought on Italy’s Shores

For over two years, we have witnessed the economic demise of certain European countries. This soon led to the financial community systematically assessing the health of several peripheral southern European countries, followed by tumbling investment grade ratings and spikes in required rates of return on the government debt of these sovereigns. As the European Central Bank continues to dole out rescue packages, many are now looking for the next country to suffer a financial attack and wondering if the euro will even survive.

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