Patrick Nipper CMT CFA's Contributions

RenMac’s Pat Nipper: Not Yet at Major Turning Point in Bond Yields

Sep 16 – Bond guru Jeff Gundlach believes we are a major turning point for bond yields but RenMac’s Pat Nipper says we’re not quite there yet, believing Treasuries still have room to decline. Pat also discusses the current state of the credit...

RenMac’s Patrick Nipper on Credit Conditions, Global Liquidity

Mar 17 – Renaissance Macro’s Senior Technical Analyst Patrick Nipper discusses the key metrics his firm is watching, which are still giving a concerning message for US and global markets.

RenMac’s Patrick Nipper: Credit Conditions Have Weakened Across the Board – Stay Alert

Oct 16 – Cris welcomes Renaissance Macro’s Senior Technical Analyst Patrick Nipper CMT CFA, who offers his technical outlook on stocks, energy, the US dollar, and commodities. Patrick notes that investors should be holding...

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