Wealth Building

Make better strategic decisions by adjusting and monitoring your financial plan today. Keep, grow, and preserve your wealth through proper accumulation, preservation, and distribution with our team.

Accumulation is more than saving money. It means having the resources to make sound, financial decisions to grow your savings.

Preservation is more than conservative investing. It means being properly diversified, tax efficient, and prepared for inflation.

Distribution is more than spending your hard-earned wealth in retirement. It’s about thinking of better ways to spend, knowing the tax implications, and building a legacy for future generations.

At Financial Sense Wealth Management, we take an appropriate approach for our clients’ portfolios in any market condition. We make informed, tactical recommendations and decisions, because we have over 30 years of foresight, knowledge, and experience and strive to stay ahead of changing markets.

Helping you make better financial decisions today and for the rest of your life.

The Fiduciary Standard

As investment advisers we have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that is in our clients’ best interest. We are held to the highest standard and provide our clients undivided loyalty.

Unlike other registered investment advisory firms (RIA-only), we understand you may need other services in addition to investment management. You should have access to all possible solutions to achieve your financial goals. That’s why we offer a comprehensive list of wealth building services.

Investment Management That Makes Financial Sense

At Financial Sense® Wealth Management, we take the complex market and make the investment allocation simple for our clients. We take a core-satellite approach to investing. The core of the portfolio takes an index approach (beta) that seeks to match the stock and bond index performance, lower cost, and create higher potential tax efficiencies. The satellite portion (alpha) allows for active tilting of the portfolio toward maximum risk, neutral risk, and minimum risk. Using several of our proprietary technical and economic market signals to make disciplined decisions, these three levels allow for an active management tilt that seeks to outperform.

An Investment Proposal That Stands Behind You

We customize and tailor every client’s investment proposal, which serves to accommodate you and your life plan. Contact us today to see how your investments can work for you.

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