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Jonathan Krinsky CMT

Nov 22 – Jim welcomes back Jonathan Krinksy CMT, Chief Market Technician at MKM Partners. Jonathan noted the powerful rallies off the lows in recent months, and sees plenty of demand for equities currently. He also pointed out that large cap equities have...

Gary Shilling PhD

Nov 21 – Jim is pleased to welcome back A. Gary Shilling PhD, President of A. Gary Shilling & Co., an economic consulting firm. Gary believes what many economic analysts are missing is the overpowering reality of deleveraging on the economy, and how it can take a decade or longer to work off the overhanging debt.

Jeffrey D Saut

Nov 20 – Jim welcomes back Jeffrey Saut, Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James Financial. Jim and Jeff discuss the recent mid-term elections. Jeff sees the elections as a turning point, with a “fed-up” electorate sending a message. Jeff believes that compromise...

James Kostohryz

Nov 19 – Part economist, part philosopher, and part psychologist, Friedrich Hayek was a man way ahead of his time. In part two of this two part broadcast, global investment strategist James Kostohryz joins Financial Sense Newshour to discuss...

James Kostohryz

Nov 18 – Part economist, part philosopher, and part psychologist, Friedrich Hayek was a man way ahead of his time. His ideas, fleshed out through numerous works spanning decades, have deeply influenced political thought, neuroscience, and how we understand the inner workings of the economy...

Gary Small Md

Nov 17 – This week Jim discusses the very important topic of retirement plan distributions and what you need to do to make the most of them. The guest this week is Dr. Gary Small of the UCLA Longevity Center who will focus on brain health and how best to maintain healthy brain function into and through retirement.

James J Puplava CFP

Nov 15 – In this week’s Big Picture Jim gives an overview of the seven megatrends that will reshape the next decade. He also looks at the situation in Washington after the midterm elections and whether investors should expect the same level of political drama in years past.

Tom McClellan

Nov 15 – Jim welcomes back Tom McClellan, Editor of McClellan Financial Publications. Tom says that short-term sentiment measures are too bullish and that another pullback is likely before stocks resume upward on strong seasonal strength. Also in this segment, Ryan Puplava has this week’s Market Wrap-up and Erik Townsend covers commodities.

Kim Wallace

Nov 14 – Jim welcomes back Kim Wallace, Executive Managing Director and Partner at Renaissance Macro Research to discuss the expected impact both fiscal and monetary policy will have on the markets in the years ahead. Key topics covered in this interview are the recent mid-term elections...

Kurt H. Wulff CFA

Nov 13 – Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, Independent Energy Analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt notes that we are nearing the end of a seasonally weak period for the energy sector and gives his list of the best performers that...