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Martin Armstrong

Jim welcomes back Martin Armstrong, of Martin and Jim cover a wide array of macroeconomic and geopolitical topics. Martin sees the US becoming more isolated, as it continues to anger its traditional allies, and forcing Russia and China to begin working together again.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

Jim welcomes back Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, CNBC's Chief International Correspondent. Michelle and Jim cover a number of geopolitical flashpoints, including the ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict, the ISIS invasion in Iraq, and the upcoming vote in Scotland for independence from the UK.

Roberto Rigobon

Cris Sheridan welcomes Roberto Rigobon, Professor of Applied Economics at the MIT’s Sloan School of Management. They discuss the Billion Prices Project, started at MIT by Rigobon and fellow professor Alberto Cavallo. By using automated web scraping technology, the Billion Prices Project collects and tracks more than 1 billion prices each week...

Jeff Kotterman

Sep 15 – This week Jim and John continue the theme from last week on how retirees or those nearing retirement can create income in a very low interest rate environment that shows no signs of ending. They discuss some of the reasons behind the low interest rate environment, including the global currency debasement by central banks...

James J Puplava CFP

Sep 13 – Jim’s first Big Picture topic this week deals with where we are in the market cycle, close to the top, or heading higher? Jim lays out the case that macro forces favor higher stock prices for an extended period. He looks at where we may be in this bull market, and makes historical comparisons to the bull market of the 1990’s.

Jonathan Krinsky CMT

Sep 13 – Jim welcomes Jonathan Krinsky CMT, Chief Market Technician at MKM Partners. Jonathan currently sees no signs of a top or major correction. He discusses the market averages, as well as the bond market.

Louis-Vincent Gave

Jim is pleased to welcome back Louis-Vincent Gave, CEO of Gavekal in Hong Kong. Louis and Jim cover a range of global macro topics, starting with Europe, as growth rolls over and another recession looms as a strong possibility. Louis believes the ECB’s monetary bazookas are not enough...

James Bianco

Jim is pleased to welcome back James Bianco, President of Bianco Research, LLC. They discuss a wide range of economic issues, including the outlook for more political gridlock ahead in Washington, which James notes should be bullish for the markets, especially the financial markets.

Evelyn Browning Garriss

Jim welcomes back Evelyn Browning Garriss, Editor of The Browning Newsletter. Evelyn and Jim discuss the complicated weather patterns in the Pacific and if a true El Niño weather pattern will be coming this winter or not. At the moment, scientists are giving about a 65% chance of a...

Kurt H. Wulff CFA

Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, Independent Energy Analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt and Jim cover the energy space, and Kurt discusses his favorite energy stocks. Kurt notes that small shale firms are currently the top performers in the energy sector. He also mentions that pipeline companies are...