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Meta Money

Jan 5 – Many 'hard money advocates' believe that true money consists of physical, tangible objects, most often gold and silver. In today's podcast, we discuss a different view on money with book author Frederick Kaufman where he argues...

Bruce Mehlman on 2022 Midterm Election Wokelash

Jan 4 – Policy strategist Bruce Mehlman joins FS Insider to discuss the key issues affecting American voters and the political landscape this year, particularly when it comes to the 2022 mid-term elections. Bruce covers the growing...

Most Recent Data Shows a Large Withdrawal in Market Liquidity Underway

Jan 4 – While economic growth is likely to remain positive in 2022, we are seeing a large withdrawal in market liquidity coming from several sources: Fed QE is ending, REPO facility is exploding to nearly $2T, and the US Treasury will be...

How to Mitigate the Risk of a 401K Lawsuit

Jan 3 – Did you know employers can face lawsuits over a 401(k) they provide their employees? Jim and Chris Puplava discuss the two most common causes for such lawsuits and the minimum steps that should be taken to mitigate their risk...

Felix Zulauf's Macro Outlook for 2022

Dec 27 – I do believe that we are looking at a very important medium-term peak. But I do not believe that is the end of this current market cycle. I think the market cycle will most likely stretch into 2024. But what we are facing now is...

Adam Rozencwajg: Europe's Energy Crisis Is Spreading

Dec 21 – Adam Rozencwajg joins FS Insider to discuss the unfolding energy crisis underway in Europe and elsewhere as natural gas prices continue to skyrocket to new record highs. Adam says this is happening due to both demand and supply factors but...

Double Hitter: Craig Johnson on 2022 Market Outlook; Jim Bianco: Restrictions Are Coming

Dec 17 – In our special weekend edition of the Financial Sense Newshour, "Bullseye" Craig Johnson at Piper Sandler joins us to discuss his market outlook for the remainder of this year and into 2022. Next, Jim Bianco at Bianco Research says to get ready...

Felix Zulauf on Market Peak, Energy Crisis, and Buy Signal for Gold

Dec 16 – FS Insider welcomes the legendary strategist Felix Zulauf to discuss his outlook for a medium-term peak in the market and subsequent stock market correction. In this wide-ranging interview, Felix explains how we see a large deterioration in...

Uranium Investors Gearing Up for Explosive 2022, Says Mart Wolbert

Dec 15 – Mart Wolbert at Contrarian Codex tells FS Insider that he has never been more bullish on the uranium mining and nuclear sector because of two major catalysts, one of which is likely to take place very soon. Mart discusses the soon-to-be-announced...

Time for Defense, Says Lyn Alden

Dec 14 – FS Insider welcomes Lyn Alden at Lyn Alden Investment Strategy to discuss her outlook on the stock market, inflation, the global supply chain, and specific sectors that she is long-term bullish on. When it comes to the stock market...

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