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Our View: Why Investors Should Prepare for Persistent Inflation

Jun 11 – After this week's wrap-up by Ryan Puplava, Jim speaks with Ari Wald at Oppenheimer on the underlying technical outlook for the stock market, commodities, and more. Next, Ralph McLaughlin at Haus joins Financial Sense Newshour...

The VR Market Is Set to Explode - Here's Why

Jun 10 – Companies and entire industries are now using virtual reality to train employees at a much lower cost. Hyperrealistic games are now played by people all over the world using VR headsets and, increasingly, people are using VR to meet...

Jim O'Sullivan on 2022 Economic Slowdown

Jun 9 – FS Insider welcomes Jim O'Sullivan, Chief US Macro Strategist at TD Securities, named by MarketWatch as America's most accurate economic forecaster, to discuss the economic outlook for the remainder of this year into next...

Bloomberg's Andrew Cosgrove Discusses the Copper Market, Says Long-Term Fundamentals 'Undeniably Bullish'

Jun 8 – FS Insider speaks with metals and mining analyst Andrew Cosgrove at Bloomberg Intelligence on the outlook for copper. Andrew discusses the fundamental supply and demand picture, influence from China, as well as recent geopolitical developments...

Baseline Health vs. Baseline Fitness - Basic Steps To Do Each Day

Jun 7 – Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Jeff Kotterman of TriSystem Health on the three basic steps to stay healthy, particularly when people all over the world are sitting for much longer periods of time. Jeff discusses how sitting equates...

Weekly Update: Should Investors Turn Bearish as Inflation and Taper Talk Heat Up?

Jun 7 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, looks at commercial bank lending, credit card delinquency rates, consumer savings, and other key indicators we follow when it comes to the risks posed to investors...

On the Radar: Fed Tapering and a Big Tax Increase

Jun 4 – After this week's market wrap-up, Jim Puplava and Frank Barbera discuss the outlook for stocks and the economy as inflationary pressures continue to increase. Frank says the technical backdrop of the market looks healthy though...

Latin America Is Taking a Hard Left Turn and the Impacts Could Be Massive, Says Christian Takushi

June 3 – FS Insider welcomes geopolitical strategist Christian Takushi to discuss recent movements in Latin America, particularly Chile and Peru, where, he argues, hard-left political groups are attempting to pool their influence as key commodity...

Replay: A Decade or More of Higher Inflation? The Noted Financial Historian Russell Napier Weighs In

Jun 2 – In today's FS Insider podcast, we are going to replay the fantastic call and outlook given for increasing inflation by the noted financial historian and strategist Russell Napier who explains the big shift in how money is now being created...

Weekly Update: Silver's Surge - 1970s and Today

June 2 – Frank Barbera, Senior Portfolio Manager for Financial Sense Wealth Management, looks at silver's performance during the high inflationary period of the 1970s and what lessons we can learn from that time based on silver's current setup...

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