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Four Major Disruptors Hitting the Economy and Markets

Nov 13 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap-up. Dan Wantrobski from Janney Montgomery Scott discusses the technical outlook for the market and the four major market disruptors. Ralph McLaughlin at Haus says the housing market...

Covid Surge and Election Fallout - Where to From Here?

Nov 12 – FS Insider speaks with Perch Perspectives' Jacob Shapiro about the latest Covid data, what is happening in Ethiopia right now next to one of the world's most important chokepoints for trade, as well as to get his thoughts on the elections...

The Investment Case for Autonomous Driving Technology

Nov 11 – FS Insider speaks with ROBO Global's Senior Research Analyst Lisa Chai on the race for driverless technology and self-driving cars among auto manufacturers, tech companies, and various countries. Lisa discusses where driverless technology...

Pfizer Vaccine Likely Still a Year Away From Circulation, Says Peter Zeihan

Nov 10 – FS Insider speaks with noted strategist and author Peter Zeihan about the recent vaccine announcement by Pfizer and why we shouldn't expect a swift rollout or distribution of this vaccine until a year from now. Peter also provides...

Weekly Update: As Hospitalizations Spike, Will the US Lock Down for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Nov 10 – In today's weekly investment update, Chris and Ryan Puplava discuss the outcome of the US elections and the uncertainty still ahead, the recent news with a Pfizer vaccine and how the market responded, with an update on Covid cases...

Jim Paulsen on Why Investors Should Prepare for a 'Growth Bomb' to Hit US Shores

Nov 9 – Though most of the focus has been on the 2020 presidential election and the surge in Covid cases, Leuthhold Group's Chief Investment Strategist Jim Paulsen is telling investors and US businesses to be prepared for a potential 'growth bomb'...

Americans Fleeing to Most Economically Competitive States

Nov 9 – Jonathan Williams, Chief Economist at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), discusses their most recent Rich States, Poor States index where they rank all 50 states according to 15 factors that drive economic competitiveness...

Volatility in Scope: No Man’s Land

Nov 9 – As of today, the volatility index (VIX) stands at 24.88 and is deeply confused about its market identity. Is it bullish, is it bearish, or is it non-binary? The VIX has not closed below 20 since pre-historic…excuse me, pre-COVID times. This stands contrary...

Why 2020 Could Be the Decade of Hard Assets

Nov 6 – Ryan Puplava gives this week's market wrap-up. Art Hill at TrendInvestorPro discusses the technical outlook for stocks and other asset classes, Eoin Treacy at Fuller Treacy Money discusses the case for gold and commodities, and, lastly...

No Blue Wave, Divided Government Rally?

Nov 5 – Kurt Kallaus at gives his post-election outlook on the stock market and the economy with a massive rally in tech stocks, limited downside on pledged stimulus and zero rates from the Federal Reserve, and other factors...

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Market Quotes by TradingView