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Weekly Update: Stimulus Still a Tailwind for Much of 2021; Market Internals Predominantly Bullish

Apr 26 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, does a deep-dive into the impact of central bank stimulus on the economic cycle and for how much longer it is likely to act as a tailwind...

Inflation and the Bull Market of the Century

Apr 23 – In today's market wrap-up, we discuss the Biden tax proposal on capital gains, major earnings announcements, and other key headlines that impacted the stock market this week. Next, Jim Puplava speaks with Mark Nelson...

The Coming Great Depression - An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Alan Bealieau

Apr 22 – FS Insider welcomes back Dr. Alan Bealieau at ITR Economics to get an update on their call for another Great Depression to hit around the 2030 timeframe. Alan explains the various trends that will all hit...

Ryan Wilday on Six-Figure Bitcoin, $30k Price Swings, and the Road Ahead for Crypto

Apr 21 – Ryan Wilday, head cryptocurrency analyst at Elliott Wave Trader, discusses his outlook for Bitcoin and the wider cryptospace, including long-term price projections based on Elliott Wave Theory. Ryan explains...

This Summer Will Be a Major Signal for Transitory vs. Sticky Inflation, Says Peter Boockvar

Apr 20 – FS Insider speaks with Peter Boockvar of the widely-read Boock Report on why we'll start to see some very definitive signs whether inflation is more transitory, as the Fed believes, or trending higher and 'sticky'...

Biden Tax Increases Likely to Accelerate Profit Taking, Says Leading Tax Expert

Apr 19 – Robert Wood at Wood LLP, ranked among the best tax lawyers in America, discusses the tax increases most likely to go in affect under Biden on income, estates, investments, and more. Robert explains how one of the clearest...

Weekly Update: Why the Treasury Market Is Key to What Happens Next

Apr 19 – Senior Portfolio Manager Frank Barbera explains why he's watching what's happening in the Treasury market as a key signal for the market. Interest rates are currently at a critical and important inflection point...

Ed Yardeni Discusses His Latest Book, the Fed and the Great Virus Crisis

The widely-followed Ed Yardeni, chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research, recently discussed his latest book, The Fed and the Great Virus Crisis , on our podcast. Following the Covid outbreak and crash, Dr. Yardeni warns...

Time to Get Bullish on Gold? Plus, This Week's Market Wrap-Up

Apr 16 – On today's Financial Sense Newshour podcast, Ryan Puplava discusses the major events that moved stocks to new records this week, including stellar economic data and bank earnings. Frank Barbera looks at the technical...

Stratfor Second Quarter Forecasts: Bifurcating Recovery, Inflation, and EM Risks

Apr 15 – FS Insider discusses Stratfor's recently released second quarter forecast with Michael Monderer looking at several growing risks: the widening divergence of economic growth across various countries...

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