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A Scientist Turned Macro Investor: An Interview With Chris Puplava

Dec 2 – Check out Financial Sense Wealth Management's CIO Chris Puplava in a recent interview with Market Desk Research. He discusses fixed income markets, the trade war with China, and some key indicators informing his current views on the markets...

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

Dec 1 – December is one of the most popular months in the U.S. for acquiring new cars. But, should you buy or should you lease? On this month’s edition of Millennial Monday Josh Nunn, Crystal Kessler and Justine Hall explore the pros and cons...

Mitzi Perdue on the Art of Keeping Families Together

Nov 29 – In honor of this Thanksgiving week, we are re-airing an interview with a long-time listener and guest, Mitzi Perdue, where she discusses strategies that pull families together and ways to prevent money from pulling families apart. Mitzi is the author...

Five Policy Themes That Could Shape the Markets in 2020

Nov 28 – Cris Sheridan talks to Ben Phillips, an expert who looks at how government policy shapes the markets, to get Ben’s take on five of the biggest policy themes that could shape the markets in 2020. Ben explains government policy’s impact...

Data Shows Globalization In Sharp Decline, Says Ben Breitholtz

Nov 27 – Last week a widely circulated report revealed a significant and sudden reversal in globalization based on a number of...

Why Are Stocks Rallying? Compare This Year to Last!

Nov 27 – In September 2018, the Fed signaled a hawkish turn towards more tightening, stating they were nowhere close to neutral, followed by other statements indicating quantitative tightening (QT) was basically on automatic pilot. The Fed...

Louis Gave on Liquidity Wave, Hong Kong and Inflationary Pressures

Nov 26 – FS Insider speaks with Louis Gave at Gavekal Research, one of the world's leading independent providers of global investment research, to discuss the massive wave of liquidity central banks are pumping into the markets and how this differs from prior...

Thanksgiving and the Family Glue

Nov 26 – It’s no secret that the greatest source of wealth in the U.S. is contained in privately held businesses. But here's a sad fact: Many of the great fortunes never make it down to the third generation, and that’s what we’re talking about with author Mitzi Perdue...

Interested in Cruising? Here Are the Facts

Nov 25 – If you are thinking about going on a cruise, what are the differences between cruise lines? When should you go to get the lowest prices and the best amenities? What necessity should you buy before the trip that will save you a bundle...

Consider These Year End Tax Moves

Nov 25 – As the end of 2019 approaches and the holiday season commences, tax planning is often not at the top of everyone’s to-do list. But, with U.S. presidential elections and changing tax environments on the horizon, you might want to spend some time getting your tax...

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