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When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do?

Jun 26 – In light of the worsening development in COVID-19 infections and deterioration in the economic improvement, we’ve started to reduce risk in client accounts from a neutral position on stocks to nearly a minimum stock exposure level...

The End of Money: From Paper to Things

Jun 26 – We are at a key pivot point in investment history. The monetary environment is going to change the investment landscape going forward. I have found there are very few investment cycles in an investor’s lifetime. These are periods or cycles where...

Andrew Zatlin on Second Layoff Wave and Business Outlook

Jun 25 – Andrew Zatlin discusses the second wave of layoffs underway and what this means for the economic and market outlook for the remainder of 2020. Andrew is the founder of SouthBay Research, an advisory firm geared towards institutional investors....

How Government Policy Impacts American Business

Jun 24 – In February 2020, Ben Phillips, CIO of EventShares and creator of the PLCY ETF, told FS Insider that government policy is the number one factor affecting American business today. This, of course, proved to be...

Commercial Real Estate Facing a Big Price Adjustment, Warns Chris Whalen

Jun 23 – FS Insider speaks with Christopher Whalen at The Institutional Risk Analyst about the COVID commercial real estate bust he sees coming, what this means for cities, state and local finances, and the impact this might have on the economic recovery...

Chances for Policy Mistakes Are Unusually High Says Gina Martin Adams

Jun 22 –Bloomberg's Chief Equity Strategist Gina Martin Adams recently spoke with Jim Puplava to discuss her current market outlook. She explained what impact the 2020 presidential elections...

How Travel's Changing in the Wake of COVID-19

Jun 22 – Just about everything has changed in the wake of the coronavirus and summer travel is no exception. Jim Puplava talks to Lori Pennington-Gray, Ph.D., who is a professor and director of the University...

Bloomberg's Gina Martin Adams Says the Market's Entering a New Phase

Jun 19 – Ryan Puplava tells listeners what moved markets this week. Bloomberg's Gina Martin Adams says the market is entering a new phase and Robert Rapier takes listeners on a deep dive into oil. Cris and Jim are back with the Big Picture...

Jacob Shapiro on How COVID Is Fueling the Breakdown of Globalization

Jun 18 – FS Insider speaks with Jacob Shapiro of geopolitical consulting firm Perch Perspectives to provide a big picture overview on the evolution of the global supply chain, globalization, US-China relations in the wake of COVID-19...

Gary Shilling Says This Recession Will Stretch Into Next Year

Jun 18 – Gary Shilling recently joined Jim Puplava on FS Insider to discuss Gary's economic outlook. Gary explained why the economy wasn't doing well even before the coronavirus hit and tells listeners this recession is here to stay...

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Market Quotes by TradingView