Second Passports: The Most Popular Places Rich Americans Are Seeking a 'Plan B'

April 15, 2024 – There's been a resurgence in rich Americans seeking second passports and residencies outside of the US. In today's Lifetime Planning segment, Financial Sense Newshour's Jim Puplava speaks with investment migration specialist Chris Willis at Latitude about the recent pick-up, the reasons Americans are citing for looking abroad, and the countries people are moving to, including the process and costs of various regions.

Some of the topics discussed in today's show include:

  • Second passports are quickly becoming the must-have back-up plan for wealthy Americans
  • US declining on global measures of freedom and stability
  • Most popular places: Europe and the Caribbean
  • Review of options and processes in each country, i.e. Caribbean, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, etc
  • Golden visas or golden passports in places like Portugal or Malta vs. other places
  • Pros and cons of each country in terms of upfront investment costs or pathways to citizenship
  • European countries allowing second passports or citizenship based on lineage
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