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Stagflation Is Here, Says Peter Boockvar

Sep 16 – Post-Covid, inflation has been consistently coming in hotter than economists expect. Last month that finally moderated as a number of components fell, including used car prices. Peter Boockvar, the widely read strategist...

Uranium Stocks Are Exploding – Sprott's Uranium Trust and a Potential Game Changer for Nuclear Power

Sep 14 – FS Insider speaks with "Yellowbull" Mart Wolbert about the long-term bullish case for uranium and nuclear power. Mart explains how the Sprott Uranium Trust has led to a strong rally in the underlying commodity and the uranium sector...

Jim Puplava: How I Survived Covid at Age 70

Sep 13 – You may have noticed that our main host, Jim Puplava, was missing from our podcast for multiple weeks in a row. Well, in today's show, Jim shares his experience with Covid and what he did to recover even though he is in a high-risk category...

Weekly Update: Global Covid Cases Peak; Inflation Expectations Surge

Sep 13 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, shows the latest data on Covid cases globally and in major economic regions and how this is corresponding with a surge in inflation expectations. Chris also covers what we are seeing...

Weekend Edition: The Inflationary Decade

Sep 10 – Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Jim Puplava back to the show after a month-long break to discuss the many structural factors lining up for higher inflation well into this decade. Special guests for today's show: Michelle Schneider and Jeff Christian...

Abramson: Fed May Not Hike Rates At All This Cycle

Sep 9 – David Abramson, Chief US Strategist and Director of Research at Alpine Macro, discusses their upcoming investment strategy conference in New York, key topics and speakers, including their outlook on US-China rivalry, investing in conventional...

Bruce Mehlman on Politics and Policy in a Post-Pandemic World

Sep 8 – Policy strategist Bruce Mehlman discusses his most recent third quarter slide deck Failures' Fallout: Predicting Politics & Policy in the Post-Pandemic Era. Bruce explains the lessons from history and how they relate to today...

Global Supply Chain Expert Says Higher Inflation, Supply Shortages to Persist Much Longer than Consensus Expects

Sep 7 – FS Insider speaks with Dr. Nada Sanders about how to understand the global supply chain, including the outlook for continued supply disruptions, longer than average delivery times, declining inventory to sales ratios and, especially...

Weekly Update: Stagflation and a Multitude of Mounting Risks

Sep 7 – Large investment banks have dramatically cut their economic estimates for the United States. Consumer sentiment is also in decline as inflation eats into spending. Frank Barbera, Senior Portfolio Manager for Financial Sense Wealth Management, reviews...

Joel Patterson on the 'Great Resignation' and Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs in Record Numbers

Sep 6 – Workplace expert Joel Patterson at The Vested Group joins Financial Sense Newshour to discuss the 'Great Resignation' underway right now where Americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Joel explains the main factors causing this...

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