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So Far This Is a Normal Election Cycle Correction, Says Tom McClellan

Sep 25 – Financial Sense Newshour gives this week's market wrap and then speaks with Tom McClellan of the McClellan Oscillator on election cycle corrections and to get his outlook on stocks, gold, and oil. Next we speak with Mike McGlone...

Geopolitical Events Are Converging, Says Christian Takushi

Sep 24 – FS Insider speaks with noted geopolitical strategist and forecaster Christian Takushi on the convergence of geopolitical, monetary, and financial risks for the 2020 decade...

ITR Economics Discusses Outlook for Recovery...and Depression

Sep 23 – Lauren Saidel-Baker at ITR Economics joins FS Insider to discuss their outlook for a continued recovery in the near-term even though they expect another Great Depression to hit the US and global economy around the 2030 timeframe...

Credit Market Update

Sep 23 – Chris Puplava, CIO of Financial Sense Wealth Management, discusses the credit markets, technicals, Covid numbers, and other data points to determine whether the stock market correction is over...

Returning to Ground Zero

Sep 23 – The lesson to be learned here is that a system which is built on a pile of debt will likely be supported at all costs to prevent a deflationary spiral like that seen during the Great Depression. Whether in Europe, China...

Randy Moore on Battery Technology and 'Made In America'

Sep 22 – FS Insider speaks with Randy Moore, President and CEO of Zaf Energy Systems, on the various types of battery technologies--nickel zinc, lithium ion, and others--which types of batteries are suitable...

Dr. Pennington on Covid's 'Second Wave'

Sep 21 – Dr. Hugh Pennington of Aberdeen University explains the risks and realities of a Covid 'second wave' this fall. He compares what we see with the flu vs. coronaviruses like SARS or, in this case, Covid and...

Investors Rotating Out of Tech and Into Cyclical Stocks, Says Bloomberg's Gina Martin Adams

Sep 18 – In today's Financial Sense Newshour podcast, Bloomberg's Gina Martin Adams discusses the market and economic outlook, Marc Chandler gives an update on the dollar and, lastly, Chris Puplava...

Investment Banks Are Very Bullish; Copper Purchases Surge to Record High

Sep 18 – In this week's investment meeting minutes, we cover the bullishness of leading investment banks, the latest economic data, record copper purchases out of China, and the correction in technology...

Steve Keen on Minsky, MMT, and Climate Change

Sep 17 – The Australian economist Steve Keen is widely known for predicting the 2008 financial crisis. Today, he speaks with FS Insider about the importance of Hyman Minsky, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), and his...

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Market Quotes by TradingView