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Red tape, revolution, conflict, cronyism – all of these make doing business in the global arena a challenge for even the best prepared companies. The world’s rapidly changing political environment poses significant obstacles, but also great opportunities for today’s business community. Understanding the nexus between economics and politics has never been more important.

Global Risk Insights provides the web’s best political risk analysis for businesses and investors. Our contributors are some of the brightest minds in economics, politics, finance, and international relations. Our goal is to help individuals and corporations analyze and understand the politics of doing business so that they can make better informed decisions about their economic activities in every corner of the world.

Trump Taking the Gloves Off in Escalating Cyberwar

Global Risk Insights – U.S. cyber policy is shedding the overly-careful approach favored during the Obam- era, becoming more activist and increasingly likely to reach into foreign networks for the sake of defense. While this carries an increased risk...

Argentina's Currency Crisis - Here's What You Need to Know

By Global Risk Insights – Argentina’s contemporary problems are a typical currency crisis. Those who hold Argentine pesos or peso-denominated assets are selling, partly to buy US dollars and dollar-denominated assets because the US Federal Reserve...

The Geopolitics of Natural Gas

By Global Risk Insights – As US exports of liquefied natural gas have increased, policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic have viewed them as a way to decrease Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas. However, while US exporters have some...

Italian Government Bond Sell-Off Limits Room for Populist Spending

By Global Risk Insights – The recent bond market sell-off reinforced concerns that investors have over the populist government’s spending plans. Given the exposure domestic banks have to sovereign debt and the winding down of the ECB...

Sanctions, Oil, and the Emerging China-Russia-Iran Axis

By Global Risk Insights – Although China has backpedaled on proposed tariffs on US crude imports, the move is indicative of its need to diversify sources and steps may now be taken to enable China to play the oil card in the future – including imports from Iran despite sanctions and drawing closer to Russia.

China and India Establish “Oil Buyers’ Club” to Counter OPEC

By Global Risk Insights – On June 11, major Chinese and Indian oil companies started a formal meeting in Beijing, discussing the establishment of an “oil buyers’ club” to negotiate better prices with OPEC countries.

China Attacks Private Debt Companies for “Economic Crimes”

By Global Risk Insights – As China transitions from prioritizing economic growth to maintaining economic stability, the government has begun levying steep penalties on high-debt private companies for “economic crimes.” Kiana Mendoza...

Special Report: Cryptocurrency’s Future May Depend on Cybersecurity

By Global Risk Insights – Despite the excitement around all things crypto, the proliferation of cryptocurrency ventures is generating new cybersecurity risks. How governments and industry manage those risks may determine...

Blockchain Goes East: Opportunities in China

By Global Risk Insights – As cryptocurrencies dominate global headlines, China is consistently quashing the hype within its borders. But as Beijing ratchets up its pressure on bitcoin, this time targeting mining...

Special Report: The Hidden Risks of the Electric Car Revolution

By Global Risk Insights – Global demand in electric cars is expected to hit new highs in 2018, as China, India and Norway take the lead with new government initiatives. Amid the fanfare, the risks of the electric vehicle revolution...

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