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Josh joined Financial Sense® Wealth Management in 2016. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Services from San Diego State University (SDSU). Today, Josh's role with Financial Sense® Advisors, Inc. is a Wealth Advisor. His professional registrations include FINRA Series 7, Series 66 and Life-Only, Accident & Health, Variable Contracts insurance licenses (CA insurance license #4222598). Josh enjoys yoga, cross-fit exercising, making music, and spending time with his close friends and family.

Understanding Changes to the US Marginal Tax Rates

By Josh Nunn – Many are calling the GOP’s new tax bill was signed one of the biggest tax reforms in our nation’s recent history. However, many questions remain about the 500-page bill and how it is expected to impact...

US Stocks: Set the Bar Low or Look for Value Elsewhere

At current valuations, many institutions are lowering their expectations based on the current macroeconomic outlook and it doesn’t look that great for US stocks overall. Below is a chart compiled by Research Affiliates that graphs the next 10-year expected returns...

Dow 21,000

The Dow has now broken above 21,000 to a new all-time high following Trump's Joint Address to Congress. We take a look at recent US manufacturing data, monetary policy, unemployment, and consumer confidence to make sense of it all...

Mexico vs. Trump - Let the Tariffs Begin!

If Trump is going to follow through on his commitment to build a wall with Mexico, yet Mexico is unwilling to pay for it directly, this may be the first country where trade tariffs become the new normal of political weaponry. Today, the White House issued a statement...

Making Taxes Great Again - Trump vs. GOP Proposals

The dust of an inimitable 2016 year seems to have finally settled. The holiday season served as a wonderful escape to the political reality we found ourselves in after Election Day back in November. But as the holiday fantasia comes to an...

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