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Climate Change

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1. The climate is determined by:

  • How much solar radiation the Earth receives (the Sun).
  • The patterns of where the solar radiation falls or is reflected (Clouds/ Volcanoes).
  • Where the heat from the solar radiation is stored (Oceans/Urban Heat Islands).

2. Methodology - Look at the natural factors shaping the upcoming weather and use

  • Historical records
  • Tree & coral rings
  • Lake sediment and
  • Glacial core records to learn how these factors affected climate in the past.

3. The last time we had natural factors in this alignment we had:

  • Severe springtime droughts in the South that eases up in the Gulf states during summer
  • Severe heat waves and wildfire outbreaks in the in the Western US
  • Good crop conditions through most of the Midwest and the Central and Southern Plains
  • A very active hurricane season that had several hurricanes in the Gulf oil and gas production regions of the US and Mexico

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