RIP Shadow Banking System, Long Live QEx!

Currency Wars

Mon, Mar 14, 2011 - 11:17am

Excerpted from 2011 Thesis Paper: Beggar-thy-Neighbor available freeat Tipping Points

We have unwittingly become trapped in the snarled net of years of bad Public Policy. Like corporations that look no further than this quarter's results, our politicos never stop campaigning to start the tough task of ruling responsibly. A winning election simply represents 'rewards' and 'spoils' to all before quickly resuming the next campaign.

Image has become reality!

As a result the never ending political pandering has led to false expectations, undeliverable entitlements and false optimism in the electorate that rejects the immediate and obvious realities.

The result of a degenerated political leadership process is we are on the brink of a massive and sudden reduction in the US standard of living.

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