Poisonous Ideas

Fri, Jun 18, 2010 - 3:00pm

Suppose you were tasked with bringing down a civilization, and your only weapon was language. Could you accomplish your goal? Quite clearly, the answer is yes. To defeat a civilization language suffices if it can be used to divide man from women, parent from child, the owners of businesses from the employees, the state from the citizens, and God from the Church. This, of course, has been the pattern of Communist subversion for the better part of a century. And even though people imagine that Communism is dead, it is very much alive.

Last week I wrote about Communism on the march. It is impossible to understand the Left without understanding the role of the Communist Party. It is difficult to write about this subject, as most readers are not educated in the history or theory of Communism. They do not know Communist tactics, which rely on the use of language to distort meanings, to confuse and stupefy political speech and thought. As Communist generals have attested, the various "active measures" initiated by the Communist Party Soviet Union during the 1960s and 1970s, were not simply disinformation programs. The primary task was to plant ideas that would corrupt people's thinking, leading them down a variety of false paths.

After last week's column, I received a number of emails complaining that my recapitulation of the Communist leader's speech was "off the mark." America is not threatened by Communism, they informed me. It is threatened by the development of a "corporate state," which is nothing short of fascism.

There is one, simple, devastating reply to this criticism. The description of our country's system as fascist was originally set forth by the Communists. Much that people think today, was created by the disinformation specialists in Moscow and the strategists who guide the Communist Party USA, and coordinate Communist parties worldwide. Communist strategy is very sophisticated, and employs concepts as weapons. Contrary to popular opinion, the Communists who ruled the Soviet Union did not give up power. They merely went underground, to operate and coordinate their plans in secret. This operation, together with the collapse of Communism, was described by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in 1984. His book was titled New Lies for Old, wherein the future strategy of international Communism was laid bare. But nobody cared to accept the testimony of Golitsyn.

More than 25 years ago I attended a Communist meeting on a university campus. I was invited to the meeting by one of my professors, who merely said that if I cared about education in the state of California I should come. At this meeting the future strategy of the Communist Party USA was explained. The speaker said that they were "infiltrating the Democratic Party in order to take it over through its left wing. He spoke of electing a stealth Communist president who would exploit a severe economic downturn in order to promote the nationalization of major industries, like health care or the oil industry. Through this process, the speaker noted, the "dictatorship of the bourgeoisie" would be curtailed and everything would be run like the Post Office. It sounded quite incredible at the time, as Ronald Reagan was president.

The Communists want to bring down capitalism. To do this they have infiltrated our schools, offering an agenda of multiculturalism, environmentalism, gay rights, advocacy for illegal aliens, and the promise of a world without nuclear weapons. At every step the critique of the Left pushes us into further "social spending" so that our federal budget is increasingly committed to non-military projects. In time we will find that cutbacks can only come from vital military programs. In that event, if the country should ever recognize its danger and turn against the domestic Communist apparatus, the Communists would call upon the military resources of their "friends" abroad.

This only becomes clear after thoroughly familiarizing yourself with Communist tactics, and the main direction of their strategy. In the various popular slogans of the Left as well as the far Right, we see a basis for popular revolution against a common "oppressor." The advent of conspiracy theory adds a dash of confusion to the whole, nudging otherwise conservative personalities toward a more revolutionary path. Some want to emphasize the role of "international finance," propounding the insidious and conspiratorial path of the capitalists themselves. It is worth noting that Karl Marx's entire project was framed around the unstated premise that the capitalist elite should not to be mistaken for a sustainable or competent ruling class, but represents instead an inherently unstable formation which relentlessly pushes economic efficiency at the expense of the social fabric. Marxism is merely a doctrine seeking to exploit and profit from this overall situation.

Here is an area where the Communists have planted dragon's teeth, and where disinformation is mixed with truth. The Communists exploit the holes opened in the social fabric by capitalism, disrupting those healing institutions that have always worked to adapt and orient us to new situations. As we see today, an economic dislocation immediately reveals the hazardous mode of life which the modern economy has brought us to. In that same collective optimism which drives the modern economic engine forward, change is always "good" and a collapse can never happen. After all, we are too sophisticated. But the old rule of gravity may be applied to economics as well as to physics; namely, that which goes up must eventually come down. Marx saw this clearly, and predicated his revolution on the expectation of catastrophe. Therefore, the capitalists must be pushed toward the brink, through infiltration and sabotage (as well as agitation-propaganda). Consider the real significance of Global Warming, ozone depletion, or saving the Spotted Owl. The poor deluded capitalists, who believe themselves to be the bringers of peace and plenty through free trade and globalization, are as gullible and credulous as the general public.

Much of today's conspiracy theory cries out for revision. By characterizing the bankers as "banksters" and capitalists as robber barons, it misses the essential dynamic at work. The real Communists have always used people on the Right and in business with the full intention of eliminating them from the game when their usefulness has come to an end. This was clearly outlined in Lenin's secret writings, quoted in last week's column. How is this possible? Today's financiers are not great men. They are not thinkers or visionaries (as they perhaps see themselves). Rather, they are overwhelmed by business and by the rush of events.

Conspiracy theory, in demonizing the captains of industry, revises our history so that the conspiracy theorist suddenly falls into line with the revolutionary program. It is no wonder that the Right wing terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, befriended the Left wing terrorist, Ted Kaczynski when they were together in the same prison. "Tim was a good guy," said Kaczynski. The Communists have long understood the potential for unity between the Right and Left as far back as the 1920s when the right was manipulated during the NEP consolidation of Bolshevik power under Lenin.

In the 1950s Khrushchev gave a speech about entering the Right wing camp in America and damaging anti-Communism from within. He was absolutely convinced this was possible, and it could be accomplished. After all, he had supervised operations of this kind in Ukraine decades earlier.

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