Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Surviving the Yield Crash

The first topic this week on the Big Picture is “Surviving the Yield Crash”. Jim and John discuss the historic low yields that just keep getting lower. British bonds are now below 1% and some European countries and Japan have negative interest rates. The picture is historically bad in the US, but it is even worse overseas. They discuss what investors and anyone needing income can do in these very trying times for yield. They cover what is working, and how those looking to retire can generate some income. Jim also covers the Fed and if it will actually raise interest rates in this very uncertain environment. The next Big Picture topic is “The Energy Bull Run”. Since bottoming at $26 a barrel in February, oil prices have nearly doubled, and the energy sector is up over 12% this year on the S&P 500. Jim looks at the prospects for the energy sector, and if the fundamentals indicate that the bull run will continue.

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