Laurence Kotlikoff: Why I’m Running for President – Social Security and Medicare Are Broke and Our Leaders Are Liars

In a compelling interview, Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University, explains to Jim why he is running as a write-in candidate for President. Professor Kotlikoff lays out the daunting numbers behind our country’s massive $199 trillion fiscal gap, showing “the true red ink, with everything on the books.” According to the Social Security Trustees Report recently issued, unfunded liabilities have gone up $6 trillion in just one year. However, there was little, if any, mention of this in the media. He believes the Social Security system is insolvent, and Medicare has even bigger problems. “Countries that plan for the future aren't surprised by it,” said Kotlikoff. “The cliff is there, and we need to apply the brakes.” He explains how these massive fiscal gaps will affect our children and grandchildren in the decades ahead. He doubts that anything will be done by a political leadership that he sees as both dishonest and dysfunctional.

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