We've Made the Low, Says Ralph Acampora; Plus, Richard Sylla on Lowest Interest Rates in Human History

April 17, 2020 – On the Financial Sense Newshour this week, Ryan Puplava tells listeners what moved markets and gives a big picture outlook on what he thinks investors should keep in mind in the weeks ahead. Ralph Acampora, who predicted the market downturn on the show a week before it happened, is back and shares why he thinks the market has bottomed. He also discusses another potential pullback and explains why he's optimistic. You can follow along with his presentation slides here (pdf). Jim Puplava speaks with Richard Sylla, co-author of one of Jim's favorite books, A History of Interest Rates. Richard explains why he sees higher interest rates and inflation ahead. Then, Cris Sheridan is back with Financial Sense Wealth Management's CIO Chris Puplava for another edition of Smart Macro.

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