Danielle DiMartino Booth Says a 'Second Wave' of Layoffs Is Ahead

May 29, 2020 – On this week's edition of the Financial Sense Newshour podcast, Ryan Puplava breaks down what moved the markets. Jim Puplava talks to Ari Wald from Oppenheimer who says there's a new bull ahead with tech stocks leading the pack. He also covers another rotation in semiconductors, negative sentiment, and gold. Then, Jim talks to Danielle DiMartino Booth of Quill Intelligence. She describes the second wave of layoffs looming once the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) runs out in mid-June. Danielle and Jim also discuss recent Fed moves and what we can expect going forward. Lastly, Cris Sheridan and Financial Sense Wealth Management's CIO Chris Puplava are back with another edition of Smart Macro.

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