Jim Bianco on GameStop and the Great Short-Seller Takedown

January 29, 2021 – After this week's market wrap, Jim Bianco of the widely-read Bianco Research (click here for a free trial) discusses what happened in recent weeks as retail investors take on large hedge funds shorting stocks like GameStop and others. Jim says that with lots of people unemployed empowered by modern technology, this trend is unlikely to end soon and what he expects to unfold in the coming weeks and months. Next, we speak with Bruce Fraser of Wyckoff Trading (click here for today's slides) to get his technical outlook for the market before ending today's show with our special guest, Keith Barron of Aurania Resources, who explains why copper is the "green gold" of alternative energy. You'll definitely want to hear what he has to say if you're invested in natural resources. All of that in today's Financial Sense Newshour podcast.

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