Big Picture: America's Coming Energy Crisis and the Return of High Inflation

October 15, 2021 – Strong earnings and positive retail sales numbers helped US stocks to finish their best week in months. Meanwhile, inflation figures continue to edge higher along with oil, food, and industrial commodity prices. We’re going to discuss all of this and more in today’s weekend edition of the Financial Sense Newshour. Up on deck is Ryan Puplava with this week’s wrap-up. Then, Bullseye Craig Johnson at Piper Sandler gives us an update on his outlook and says we’re—amazingly, once again—right on track to hit his year-end target. Then, Dave Morgan comes on to discuss what we’re seeing in the precious metals and commodities market. And to round things off, we conclude with our Big Picture segment where we talk about the energy crisis making its way to America’s shores and explain the outlook for persistent inflation.

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