US Debt Crosses $30 Trillion, Credit Markets Signal More Pain Ahead

February 4, 2022 – After this week's market wrap-up, Frank Barbera gives a technical update on the stock market and says we could be looking at a 'Wiley E Coyote' moment. Next, Danielle DiMartino Booth at Quill Intelligence discusses the large uncertainty over how many Fed rate hikes will occur this year but believes the yield curve is giving a very clear message that the Fed won't be able to hike nearly as much as they would like without sending the economy into a recession. Lastly, Financial Sense Wealth Management CIO Chris Puplava, discusses how we are invested at our company given the current market uncertainty and outlook based on the credit markets, which he discusses in depth. For related charts and data, see this week's video update: Credit Markets Still Suggesting Caution on Equity Outlook

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