Case Study: How to Plan Securely for Retirement

March 21, 2022 – As part of our Financial Sense Newshour podcast, we use every Monday to take on subjects that relate to longer-term planning—whether that be for retirement, general financial planning considerations, tax changes, or even when it comes to health and wellness. As we’ve done in the past—and something that a number of you have requested we pick up again—we sometimes go through specific case studies where we implement many of the planning topics we discuss on our show to see how these can be put into practice. Today, we are going to discuss two case studies, both of which are inspired by recent financial plans and clients we have worked with at Financial Sense Wealth Management. That being said, we have changed the names and some of the personal details to honor their privacy but are presenting these in such a way that preserves some of the complexities of the planning process, which some of may also be dealing with. As always we want to encourage all of you listening to email us with any specific areas or planning topics which we will gladly use in a future case study by sending us your thoughts or suggestions on our Contact Us page.

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