Felix Zulauf on Market Peak, Energy Crisis, and Buy Signal for Gold (Reprise)

February 25, 2022 – Some of you have been asking why haven’t we provided any commentary or interviews on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week. The truth of the matter is both Jim and I took were out on vacation this week and decided to air a few interviews we had conducted earlier this year. On that note, since we are still technically on vacation, instead of our usual hour long weekend show, we are going to re-air our interview with Felix Zulauf at Zulauf Consulting from December of last year where he predicted an imminent peak in the market and a decisive decline starting out 2022. Much of what Felix says in this interview aligned with our own outlook and, as many of you know, is what we’ve also been telling our listeners since late last year. Felix not only provided his short-term outlook on the market, commodities, and other sectors in this interview but also his longer-term outlook as well. I do want to note one area where Felix’s outlook does deviate from our own and what we’ve been telling listeners is on the commodity front given that we’ve been expecting energy and commodity prices to continue heading higher and maintaining our overweight position in this area. That being said, the difference between what Felix says in today’s discussion and what we’ve been saying is more of a question of tactical timing since both Felix and we at Financial Sense Wealth Management are holding to a longer-term bullish outlook. So with out further ado, we hope you enjoy today’s interview with the notable strategist Felix Zulauf, which originally aired on our weekday FS Insider podcast in December of last year (see here).

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