Tom McClellan: End of Bear Market Rally; Mike McGlone on Commodities, Gold, and Bonds

February 10, 2023 – When we spoke with Tom McClellan at last year he forecasted a sizeable year-end rally that would push through to January and get everyone all bulled up. Now, Tom says, that 'bear market rally' is complete—having fooled enough people into thinking the bear market was over—and predicts more volatility and turbulence ahead with the big moves in tech to lead the major US indices lower. You'll definitely want to hear what he has to say and about the high conviction calls he is currently making on the markets.

Next, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with Bloomberg's Mike McGlone about the outlook for commodities, gold, bonds, and the overall market. Mike believes we are halfway through a recessionary bear market and explains how he is investing based on his outlook.

Lastly, in today's Smart Macro segment, Financial Sense Wealth Management CIO Chris Puplava discusses the key takeaways from this week's investment presentation (see Weekly Update: The Truth Behind Last Week's Blowout Jobs Report) looking at the economy, corporate profits, and monetary policy—all of which are continuing to exert pressure on the outlook for the stock market.

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Source: McClellan Financial Publications
Source: McClellan Financial Publications
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