Big Picture: No Way Out – Debt, Devaluation, and the Dollar

March 31, 2023 – In today's Big Picture segment, Jim Puplava and Cris Sheridan discuss the massive increase in US debt over the past few years and why this is only expected to increase, according to projections provided by the Congressional Budget Office. Jim argues that this is highly problematic, especially when you look at the growing cost to finance this debt, and how the only way out of this situation is to devalue the dollar or default on existing debt. It's for this reason and others, as we explain in today's show, that China and other countries are looking to diversify their dollar reserves and dollar-denominated assets into other areas, particularly precious metals, and develop new pathways to circumvent the dollar over time. What does all this mean for the markets, the economy, and your investments? You might be surprised to hear what we have to say, so tune in as we give a big picture overview of the markets.

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