Craig Johnson: Multi-Year Uptrend in Yields; Doomberg on Green Energy Fantasies

October 13, 2023 – After this week's market wrap-up, Financial Sense Newshour speaks with market technician Craig Johnson at Piper Sandler and then wildly popular energy analyst Doomberg. Craig Johnson gives an update on his outlook for the S&P 500 through year-end and which sectors they are overweight and underweight. Craig also discusses his view on the outlook for bond yields in the short-term and then over the longer-term, saying that we are likely in the midst of a secular change in yields, which will have a number of important implications for investors.

Next, Doomberg explains why the demand for fossil fuels continues to rise even in the face of aggressive efforts to switch away from them. Doomberg argues that the continued belief in ending fossil fuel use is a green energy fantasy rooted in ideology instead of science, physics, and basic economics. Lastly, Doomberg shares his personal experience in trying to compete against China on solar power, and why China is now the leading supplier and processor of all things renewable energy related. Subscribe to Doomberg's newsletter covering energy, finance, and the economy-at-large at Doomberg | Substack.

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