Santa Claus Rotation Rally, Gold Surging, and Bargains in Energy

December 1, 2023 – Bruce Fraser at Wycoff Analytics joins Financial Sense Newshour to discuss the Santa Claus rotation rally. Bruce says we are finally seeing the market start to broaden out as investors take profits in the 'Magnificent 7' growth stocks and redeploy into other sectors. He also talks about what’s driving the big move in precious metals and discusses similarities between today and the 1970s. Next up is Dan Steffens at Energy Prospectus Group to give listeners an update on the energy space. We’ve just gone through one of the weakest seasonal periods of the year for oil and Dan says there’s some deep discounts in the energy sector right now. You’ll definitely want to tune in to hear what he has to say when it comes to finding companies with good cash flow and high dividends at bargain prices.

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