Taxes, Politics, and the Economy: What You Can and Can't Control This Year

January 8, 2024 – In today's Lifetime Planning podcast, Financial Sense's Aaron Wiegman and Crystal Colbert look at what investors can and cannot control when it comes to taxes, politics, and the economy in 2024. This podcast serves as a crucial reminder of the decisions and choices that can shape our path to success and financial goals. For example, while tax policies and external uncertainties may be beyond our control, we can exert influence by optimizing our investments for tax efficiency. Furthermore, by managing our spending, prioritizing savings, and being mindful of where our money goes, we can cultivate a greater sense of certainty and control over our financial future. Listen in as we delve into each of these areas and share some important reminders on ways to maintain control of our money, investments, and overall financial health.

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