Brian Pretti CFA's Contributions

Brian Pretti: Expect Continued Market and Economic Volatility

Jun 29 – Brian Pretti joins Chris Puplava to take a macro look at the US economy and where it may be heading. Brian sees uncertainty and volatility ahead, and notes that certain sectors such as agriculture are slowing down. Additionally, consumers are...

Brian Pretti: Investment Game Plan for a Volatile 2016

Dec 23 – Brian Pretti explains why 2016 may be a very volatile year based on a number of technical breakdowns similar to prior market tops, growing trouble in the high yield market, and possible contractions in global liquidity. Given his outlook, Brian provides listeners with a few...

Brian Pretti on the Federal Reserve’s Decision to Stand Pat

Sep 18 – Chris Puplava welcomes Brian Pretti CFA to discuss the much-anticipated decision by Janet Yellen and the Fed to hold interest rates unchanged. In a wide-ranging conversation, they cover the Fed decision and other...

Brian Pretti: The Unintended Consequences of QE – Bonds No Longer a Safe Haven

Jun 16 – Years of quantitative easing by central banks may finally be causing a few cracks in the foundation of the global financial system. Jim welcomes Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor of

Brian Pretti: Has the Fed Already Stayed Too Long at the Party?

Apr 24 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, managing editor of Brian and Jim discuss Federal Reserve policy, and the implications of “the re-pricing of credit”. Brian believes the Fed may have kept rates at...

Brian Pretti: The Fed Needs to Reload But Is Facing a Multitude of Cross Currents

Sovereign Balance Sheets Are Deteriorating

Feb 19 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at Brian and Jim take a detailed looks at the issues facing the Federal Reserve, as it moves closer to raising interest rates, however...

Brian Pretti: Central Banks Are Afraid to Let Asset Prices Fall

Is the U.S. Energy Industry at Risk?

Dec 5 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor of Brian and Jim cover a range of macroeconomic topics including the recent weakness in the price of oil. They discuss the benefits to the consumer of cheaper gasoline versus the threat to the domestic energy industry, and it’s great run of creating well-paying jobs over the last five years.

Brian Pretti: We Are Long Overdue for a 10% Correction – Is This It?

Currencies Are Pressure Relief Valves

Oct 15 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at Brian and Jim cover an array of macroeconomic issues. Brian noted that a 10% market correction is substantially overdue. So far, the pull-back has been moderate, but certain sectors have had more severe damage, such as...

Cause and Effect?

All the chatter from the Fed about interest rate levels, forward guidance, tapering, etc. is largely noise. In a consumption driven economy, wage growth is the accelerant of consumption growth, not rising equity and real estate prices through the illusory "wealth effect".

Why the US Stock Market Is Still the Best Place to Be – A Conversation With Brian Pretti

Jun 12 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at In a wide-ranging conversation, Brian and Jim discuss how the U.S. stock market is more attractive, even if by default than markets in...

Brian Pretti: The Failure of QE

Apr 30 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at Brian and Jim cover a variety of economic topics, including the failure of the Fed’s QE program to translate into better economic growth.

A Tale of Two Taperings?

Throughout the current economic cycle I have continually referred to the characterization of “the tale of two economies”. Specifically, I have been struck by the dichotomy between the fate and fortunes of large US companies relative to their much smaller business brethren.

Brian Pretti: The Yen Carry Trade Still Highly Correlated to US Equity Markets

Mar 4 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at Brian and Jim discuss a wide array of global macro topics. Brian mentions that the Fed’s tapering program is forcing money away from risk assets and that capital is...

Whether It’s the Weather?

Moving into the New Year, hopes for an acceleration in economic activity had been relatively high, especially compared to the sequester challenged early part of the prior year. Of course the very harsh weather across a good part of the US in recent months has...

The Price Is Right Is Speaking Volumes

Everyone is fully aware that the current equity market cycle has been characterized by lack of expanding volume. Is this why the current environment has been described as the rally no one believes? Or the most hated rally in recent memory?

The 5% Solution Revisited

Right now, the S&P is more extended above its 200 week moving average than anything we have experienced since 1999. This is only the fourth time we have seen this type of extension in six decades. No predictions of some imminent demise, rather a “lesson” from direct historical experience.

Dollar Daze

It should be more than apparent to investors in today’s world that both anticipating and staying in harmony with the direction of currencies is crucial in the process of global asset allocation. As we look back at 2013, it seems clear that global central banker actions in large part helped shape investor behavior.

Brian Pretti: Rising Interest Rates the Biggest Risk in 2014

Jan 8 – Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at Brian and Jim cover a wide array of economic subjects looking at the year ahead. Brian sees the latest market correction as merely a tiny speed...

The Real Confidence Indicator?

I’ve written many a time over the past year about the directional dichotomy between the equity market and real economy. To be honest, this is old news. I’m personally convinced that what is most important to financial assets in the current moment is the weight and movement of global capital and the immediate “needs” of various pools of global capital.

The Great Rotation?

Around this time each year the theme of the Great Rotation is dusted off and taken for a spin around the track by financial market pundits far and wide. Of course they are referring to the anticipated movement of capital from the bond market to the stock market.

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