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Chris graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Biochemistry from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He joined Financial Sense® Wealth Management in 2005 and is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) with the College for Financial Planning. Chris is also currently a level III Chartered Financial Analyst candidate. His professional designations include FINRA Series 7 and Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law Exam. He contributes articles to Financial Sense as well as occasional interviews and updates on Financial Sense Newshour. Chris enjoys the outdoors.

Do Not Let Short-Term Noise Overshadow Long-Term Investing

Oct 19 – Such an epic hit to our economy has been met with an even larger amount of stimulus, and the word “epic” does not do it justice. How do you respond to a $2.2 trillion hit to the economy? With more than $5 trillion in stimulus! Up to now...

Returning to Ground Zero

Sep 23 – The lesson to be learned here is that a system which is built on a pile of debt will likely be supported at all costs to prevent a deflationary spiral like that seen during the Great Depression. Whether in Europe, China...

Is the Dollar About to Crash?

Aug 13 – Non-Commercial hedgers (“dumb money”) are the most short the US dollar since the early 2018 bottom. When their short positions get to this lower extreme, that usually indicates a bottom as shown by the following graph...

When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do?

Jun 26 – In light of the worsening development in COVID-19 infections and deterioration in the economic improvement, we’ve started to reduce risk in client accounts from a neutral position on stocks to nearly a minimum stock exposure level...

Global Inflection Points: China, Oil, and Plunging Bond Yields

Aug 7 – As a follow-up to my warnings last month prior to the recent correction, several areas are at make-or-break inflection points that we are watching closely for signs of a bottom in the overall market or for a further break from current levels...

Is a Bad Moon Rising for the Stock Market?

Jul 24 – Further warning signs are continuing to build that give us caution on the outlook for equities. High yield option-adjusted spreads (OAS) are not confirming the new high in the S&P 500 and have worsened over the last three weeks. Same for...

US Stock Market Showing Tech-Bubble Divergence

Jul 18 – The technical picture of the US stock market isn't all that healthy right now. In fact, the only other time we have seen divergences in breadth this large was during the blow-off years of the tech bubble. Bottom line: Breadth levels are warning of a possible market top...

Policy Misstep Deja Vu?

Jun 12 – Historically, the market rallies post the first Fed rate cut and continues to do so as long as the onset of a recession is at least a year out. However, when a recession begins less than a year out from the Fed’s first cut the market’s initial rally quickly fades...

Market Looking Vulnerable: A Deep Dive Into Bond Spreads and Market Internals

Mar 27 – One of the areas of concern cited by the Fed last year was the leveraged loan market, which took a nose dive in Q4. This space had a strong Q1 rally but has since peaked and is rolling over again. Looking at corporate credit default swaps...

Was It All Just a Bad Dream?

Mar 22 – The answer to that question depends on what one believes were the ultimate causes of the decline and what the outlook is for 2019. If you believe the fourth quarter 2018 decline was largely...

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