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Red tape, revolution, conflict, cronyism – all of these make doing business in the global arena a challenge for even the best prepared companies. The world’s rapidly changing political environment poses significant obstacles, but also great opportunities for today’s business community. Understanding the nexus between economics and politics has never been more important.

Global Risk Insights provides the web’s best political risk analysis for businesses and investors. Our contributors are some of the brightest minds in economics, politics, finance, and international relations. Our goal is to help individuals and corporations analyze and understand the politics of doing business so that they can make better informed decisions about their economic activities in every corner of the world.

What China’s Aircraft Carrier Means for Its Naval Defense Capabilities

By Global Risk Insights – On April 26 at the Dalian Shipyard in China’s northern province of Liaoning, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier. Adhering to Naval tradition, the hull of the new ‘Type 001A’ was transferred...

Can Puerto Rico Escape Disaster?

In early May, Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy in federal court to stave off lawsuits, under a law Congress passed last year, to help the island cut its debt and escape financial disaster. The saga now heads to federal court, where the struggle...

French Elections: Why Winning Could Be the Easiest Part for Macron

On May 7, France will vote to elect its president in a runoff between far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and the centrist Emmanuel Macron. Macron is predicted to win but will face political challenges to govern after the elections.

China, India, and Japan Are Very Interested in Sri Lanka – Here’s Why

Increased international interest in the Indian Ocean comes at a convenient time for Sri Lanka, as the country continues to recoup after the end of its decades-long civil war which ended in 2009. The island nation is being courted (and courting in turn) by...

Are You Ready for the Middle East’s Solar Gold Rush?

The MENA region saw over 2 GW of new solar capacity tendered in 2016, and 2017 looks to easily surpass this level as hundreds of billions of dollars begin to flow into green energy in the Arab world.

The Difficulties in Making US Manufacturing Great Again

Donald Trump ran for president promising to return American manufacturing and jobs to Rust Belt states workers. He promised that jobs would come roaring back and that it was the fault of China, bad politicians, and crooked owners...

Trump Wades Into the South China Sea

The new administration’s South China Sea policy is taking shape — and could send ripples through international markets. The sea is dotted with reefs and shoals claimed by neighboring states but occupied by China. Beijing uses these...

North Korea Hacking Spree: Is Blockchain the Solution?

Locked in a punishing sanctions regime, North Korea is throwing caution to the wind and has mounted a series of cyber attacks by taking advantage of outdated financial technology, mainly through the SWIFT network. Such cyber-attacks are...

May Day: Breaking Down the Upcoming French Election

With four front-runners facing difficult sets of issues, the electoral campaign is likely to be tumultuous with continued weakening French institutions. On Sunday, January 29th the French Socialist Party (PS)

China Approaching the Limits of Currency Management

The People’s Bank of China has historically exercised great control over domestic Renminbi valuation, but the traditional tools used for currency management are beginning to come under stress. This monetary strain will be exacerbated...

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