Yvette McGaffin at Reform RX on Pilates and Moving with Purpose

November 21, 2022 – Jim Puplava speaks with Yvette McGaffin, a functional movement specialist, CEO and co-founder of Reform RX, and creator of the Reform method about the gaining popularity of Pilates for not just strengthening and exercise but also for rehabilitation and movement. Yvette talks about how Pilates can be used for young and old, especially because it has minimal impact to joints and is also highly supportive of joint health, movement, and flexibility.

Yvette explains that Pilates is focused on all facets of the musculoskeletal system with movement at the core of its function and purpose. Out of her lifelong experience and use of various Pilates reformers, Yvette started Reform RX, to create an extremely innovate, next generation Pilates reformer (visit www.reformrx.com for more info).

Topics discussed: doing pilates into old age, low impact to joints, importance of joint health, movement, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal health, pilates vs. yoga, and more.

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